Myrtle Beach Discus

Jumbo Golden Snakeskin X Yellow Mellon Potential Pair


6.5-7in Jumbo Golden Snakeskin X 5in Yellow Melon Potential Pair

You will receive this exact Discus Pair.

What is a Potential Pair?

A Potential Pair is any two Discus that fend off all other Discus from a certain part of the aquarium. Most of the time these two shimmer towards each other and may have laid eggs. No wigglers at this point.

What is a Proven Pair?

A Proven Pair is a confirmed Male and Female that have laid eggs and produced wigglers. Once we do have a Proven Pair then the price does increase. A video or picture will always be taken of the fry. If the fry is at least 5 days old at the time of shipping we will ship the fry at no additional cost with the parents.