The Pigeon Blood Discus

In 1989, Thai discus breeder Kitti Phanaitthi created a new strain of discus fish that would prove to become one of the most popular types of discus fish found in tanks worldwide. Named for its blood red colored eyes, the pigeon blood discus was named after rubies found inside the Mokok Mine in Myanmar. The…


The Common Discus

While the exact number of discus species and their taxonomies are disputed from source to source, it is understood that the Common Discus one of the distinct species of discus. The Common Discus (Symphysodon aequifasciatus) can actually be separated into three distinct subspecies, based upon coloration. These sub species include brown, green, and blue. The…

discus fish tank setup

Discus Fish Tank Setup

When it comes to discus fish keeping, there seems to be a negative stigma regarding the difficulty and hassle of ensuring these fish remain healthy. Regarded as “advanced” in difficulty for keeping, many (unsuccessful) discus keepers claim that the level of difficulty results in nothing but wasted money. With the proper knowledge and dedication to…

heckel discus

The Heckel Discus

The first discus species to be discovered was done so by Austrian zoologist and ichthyologist Dr. Johanne Jacob Heckel around 1840. Named the Heckel Discus (Symphyosodon discus Heckel), this particular species is one of the most visually appealing and roundest of all of the many different strains of the discus fish, giving the Heckel discus…

discus fish feeding

Discus Fish Feeding & Nutrition

In the dark, murky waters of the Amazon, wild discus fish typically feed on small worms, crustaceans, plant matter, insects, and detritus that gets flushed out of the surrounding forests by rainfall. In aquariums as pets, however, discus fish are much more picky eaters, as each fish, with its own individual personality, will prefer different…


Welcome To The MB Discus Team, Chris!

My name is Chris Moorman and I am a senior marine science major with a focus on biology currently attending Coastal Carolina University. Over the past three years, I have completed internships both in the Bahamas studying sharks, and in South Africa studying wildlife conservation and photojournalism. In the field of marine science, unfortunately, many…

discus fish history origin

Discus Fish History & Origin

The discus fish, known as the “king of the aquarium” and commonly referred to as a “pompadour fish” by many enthusiasts, is one of the most sought-after fish species by freshwater aquarists worldwide. With its many different strains, colors, and patterns, the discus fish is especially appealing for those looking to add a sense of…