Featuring over 30 different strains of the most sought after discus fish in the world, Myrtle Beach Discus breeds and imports some of the finest discus in the world. At Myrtle Beach Discus, our discus are hand picked from internationally recognized breeders. Our breeding pairs are selected from the finest purebred strains.


Discus originate from the Amazon and are among the most beautiful aquarium fish in the world. Considered to be by many the king of the aquarium, discus fish are highly intelligent and social fish that require special, loving care. Myrtle Beach Discus will provide the proper information needed to care for our Discus.


At Myrtle Beach Discus we are committed to making your experience with these amazing fish an exciting one! We consider these fish to be family and take a tremendous amount of time in making sure that they are well taken care of and properly shipped to you. We ship via FedEx Overnight, Ground or 2 Day to guarantee the safe arrival of your fish.


Even though discus are generally not recommended for beginner level breeders, at Myrtle Beach Discus we believe that anybody with a passion for these fish can successfully take care of them with the right education. We will supply you with everything you need to know to care for your new aquatic friend!


Our process here goes beyond selling you these beautiful creatures; we also intend to be there with you every step of the way in taking care of them. From setting your tank up correctly to finding the right diet for your discus, Myrtle Beach Discus is your discus information super stop. Find information regarding breeding, aquarium set up and more in our blog updated every week and our FAQ section.