Shipping Info


At Myrtle Beach Discus we take utmost pride in the packaging and shipping of our discus fish. Our process ensures that your discus arrive safe and healthy. The first step of the process involves triple or even quadruple bagging your discus depending on the amount of traveling involved and then lining the bag with opaque liners before filling with pure oxygen before sealing. The bags are packed in styrofoam insulated shipping containers and heat packs are provided to keep the water at appropriate temperature.


We ship all orders Fedex overnight. This ensures that your discus arrive safe and healthy. Discus are shipped one to two business days after ordering and typically arrive between 11 am-4pm the next morning. We ship within the United States ,including Alaska, and Puerto Rico. You will receive a shipping confirmation when your package ships.
Canadian Customers
We can ship to the nearest Fedex location on the USA side for pickup. You will need an invoice which will be provided to cross back over.

Live Arrival Guarantee

To date, we have not lost any fish sent via Fedex Overnight. That being said, Myrtle Beach Discus does insure all fish shipped with somebody home to receive it. In the unfortunate and rare even that one of your fish arrive dead, you must take a clear picture of the fish in the original unopened bag within two hours of first attempted delivery. Note that refunds will not be given for shipping. Instead, a customer will receive credit for the price of the fish on future orders.  

*You must be present for delivery on the first attempt in order to receive a refund. If a package is refused or returned for any reason then this will void our guarantee.