Myrtle Beach Discus

10 Pack Assorted Discus


You will receive 10 Healthy and Vibrant Discus

They will eat Beefheart, flakes and pellets. We do have our discus bred and raised on tap water. Our PH 7.4, Temp 82-86

Your assorted pack may include: Snow Whites, Vertical Turquoise, Heckel, Red Melon, Valentines, Pigeon, Flora, Altum, Red & Yellow Checkerboard, Heckel cross, Golden Leopard, Mercury, Yellow/Whites, Green Laguna, White Butterfly, Leopard, Red Cover and many more!

Our assorted pack of Discus are our lowest priced. Selling these at such a low cost we are not able to take more pictures or video request

—–Assorted Discus are shipped Via Fedex. 

Online Special Only