5 Pack Assorted Discus


You will receive 5 Healthy and Vibrant Discus

They will eat Beefheart, flakes and pellets. We do have our discus bred and raised on tap water. Our PH 7.4, Temp 82-86

Your assorted pack may include: Snow Whites, Vertical Turquoise, Heckel, Red Melon, Valentines, Pigeon, Flora, Altum, Red & Yellow Checkerboard, Heckel cross, Golden Leopard, Mercury, Yellow/Whites, Green Laguna, White Butterfly, Leopard, Red Cover and many more!

Our assorted pack of Discus are our lowest priced option.  Selling these at such a low cost we are not able to take more pictures or video request. 

Online Only

—–Assorted Discus are shipped Via Fedex.