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Absolute Potassium Permanganate


Absolute Potassium Permanganate is an affective medication when used to treat a wide range of Protozoans Parasites such as Skin Flukes (Gyrodactylus). Gill Flukes (Datcylogyrus), Costia (Ichthyobodo), Chilodinella (Chilodonella), Trichodina, White Spot (Ichthyophthrius multifiliis) & is also an effective anti parasite treatment against  larger parasites such as Anchor Worms (Lernea), Leeches (Piscicola) and Fish Lice (Argulus). Potassium Permanganate works as a very powerful oxidising agent that works by oxidising dissolved organic materials, Resulting in improved water quality and clarity. 

To immediately neutralize the Potassium Permanganate keep Hydrogen Peroxide handy.


Shake bag first to decompact medication before  measuring. Add 1.5g of PP per 1000l (220gal) of water. 

Add the correct amount to a bottle of aquarium water, shake vigorous before adding it into the aquarium. Increase aeration.

Bath Dose: Add 100mg per litre of aquarium water and bubble the solution for 20 mins before adding fish. Dip fish for 5 mins, keep a close eye on them. (1.5g spoon included) 



Active Ingredient: Potassium Permanganate. For animal treatment only. 

Please read the instructions properly before dosing. Improper dosing will have ill effects on your fish. Do not use Salt, formaldehyde or formalin with this product. Use at your own Risk. Myrtle Beach Discus  nor its affiliates will be responsible for misuse of this product.