Myrtle Beach Discus

B Grade Discus

$28 $34

This is a listing for our B Grade Discus. Some may include peppering, missing or broken dorsal or ventral fin (most of the time they rip off during transit to us), previous hith scars. They will be randomly selected depending on the size and availability you purchase. These Discus are extremely healthy and are parasite free. While supplies last.

All of our Discus are bred and raised in Tap Water. Our PH is 7.4 and Temperature is between 84-86. Keeping your parameters consistent is key, dont chase the PH. We feed them pellets, flakes, brine shrimp, bloodworms and our Homemade Beefheart Mix!  We recommend keeping them in Groups of 4-6. We throughly quarantine all new arrivals for atleast 3 weeks. Click here to see the variety of foods we feed in house

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