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Wormer X (Flubendazole)

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Wormer X is prescribed to treat internal round worms parasite that can infect tropical fish like, Capillaria and Camallanus.
On day one add 1 level of included spoon (1 g) for every 250 liter (65 US gal) of Aquarium water for 5 days. Then do a large water change to end the treatment. (If the water is changed before the end of the treatment, re-dose according to the amount of new water added only)
For smaller volumes of water add 1 level spoon to 100 ml of water and mix it vigorously, until the powder is evenly dispersed. From this solution take 1 ml for every 4 liters (1 US gal) of aquarium water. Quickly take the volume after shaking before it settles down. The prepared solution should be stored in a fridge and used within one week.
On Day 15 repeat the treatment for another 5 days. Repeating the treatment is essential to complete the treatment because the medication will only kill the worms, however, the eggs will hatch after 2-3 weeks and re-infect the fish.
Active ingredient: Methyl N-[6-(4-fluorobenzoyl)-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl]carbamate
INFO: This product is a treatment intended to be used by hobbyist for Aquarium ornamental fish only. It is not intended to be used or fish for human consumption.

*Please do not overdose. Use at your own risk. Myrtle Beach and its affiliates are not responsible for misuse of this product.