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Wormer X (Levemisole)


Wormer X is prescribed to treat internal round worms parasite that can infect tropical fish like, Capillaria and Camallanus.
Before treatment clean the aquarium glass, substrate and filter to reduce the organic waste load. 

On day one add 1 level of included spoon (1 g) for every 500 liter (130 US gal) of Aquarium water for 48 hours. Then do a large water change to end the treatment. (If the water is changed before the end of the treatment, re-dose according to the amount of new water added only)
For smaller volumes of water add 1 level spoon to 100 ml of water and stir it, until the powder is completely dissolved. From this solution take 1 ml for every 5 liters (1.3 US gal) of aquarium water. The prepared solution should be stored in a fridge and used within one week.
On Day 15 repeat the treatment for another 48 hours. Repeating the treatment is essential to complete the treatment because the medication will only kill the worms, however, the eggs will hatch after 2-3 weeks and re-infect the fish.
Precaution: Store in a cool dry place, away from children reach. For use on ornamental fish only, not intended for use on fish for human consumption. WormerX will not impact the bio-filter, the treatment should be in the main tank for all fish with filters running. If using in non-filtered tank or after use of Chloramine-T or bactocide (which will kill bio filter bacteria) use water treatment product that protect from ammonia spikes.
Stop feeding during the treatment period.
Active ingredient: Levamisole HCL

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INFO: This product is a treatment intended to be used by hobbyist for Aquarium ornamental fish only. It is not intended to be used on fish for human consumption.