How to Acclimate and Quarantine your new Discus

Our Discus are shipped through FedEx overnight,(Standard is by 8pm the following day and Priority is delivered by noon) to ensure the least possible amount of stress on the fish. Each bag is filled with pure oxygen and a blackout bag is added to help lessen the stress throughout shipping. Finally, we add heat packs to ensure the fish have ideal temperatures no matter how cold it is outside. We do all this to make sure we can deliver happy and healthy fish straight to your door.


Proper acclimation and quarantine are the key to happy and healthy Discus below are a list of steps to use to help get your new fish adjusted to their new tank. We cannot force you to follow these steps but we highly recommend them


  1. When you open the box remember your fish have been in the dark for about 18-24 hours and need time to adjust to the daylight.
  2. Float the bags for 20 mins.
  3. Cut the bag open, scoop the fish out and place them inside your tank, one at a time. 
  4. Discard bag water, do not mix it with your water.
  5. Keep the lights off for 24hrs and let them settle in, add aquarium salt for the first 7 days.
  6. After 24hrs change the water and begin feeding.
  7. Sometimes Discus will lay down for a few days after transit, this is normal. Increase Aeration and salt. 
  8. Quarantine all new arrivals
  1. The ideal quarantine tank is a 10-30 gallon bare bottom tank with lightly colored sides, sponge filter and heater. Be sure to use different equipment separate from your main tank.
  2. Keep your lights out for the first 24-48 hours and wait at least 12 hours to try and feed
  3. Water changes are essential to the quarantine process daily or every other day,
  4. Continue water changes and monitor your fish for 3-5 weeks, at this point you will want to select a fish from your current tank and move it into your quarantine tank, closely monitor the fish for 1-2 weeks.
  5. If all is well after two weeks of being mixed your fish are ready to be introduced to your main tank!


1. If the bags have busted in transit, get the fish out of the bag immediately and place them inside of your tank.

2. If your fish is laying flat in the bag get them in the tank immediately. If there is a DOA, please follow our guidelines on how to file a claim.