The Myrtle Beach Discus Promise

Imagine. You’ve been raising aquarium fish your whole life. But you had never head of discus fish before.Your first goldfish, Cleo, lived to the ripe old age of four days before you killed him by dumping a whole tube of elmers glue into his tank. Oops.

When you became a little older and realized that elmers glue equals dead Cleo, you mastered raising bettas, tetras and guppies! You didn’t mind those bi-weekly, 25% water changes. Only have to clean the tank once a month? That’s for amateurs.

But eventually, you grew bored. You got tired of raising “beginner” fish. You got tired of seeing those same fish in all your friend’s aquariums.

And then you saw it. The Discus Fish.

You fell in love at first sight. Sure, you had heard stories that they were some of the toughest aquarium fish to raise in the world. But those perfectly rounded bodies and stunning colors made you salivate. You had to have it.

So, you did what a lot of newbie discus enthusiasts do. You did a little research and bought your first discus thinking that it would be just as easy to raise as Cleo. Minus the elmers glue and all.

You named him Otto.. And you loved him. Sure he was just a baby. Only three inches and almost no color at all. But that was ok because you knew one day he would grow up to be the most beautiful fish in your tank.

But after five days Otto died.

At first you cried. You loved Otto. He was supposed grow old with you. Weren’t discus supposed to live up to ten years? This one survived less than ten days.

But then your tears grew to confusion. Why had Otto died? Was it something that you did?

And then you remembered that the online discus store that sold you Otto had a 100% something guarantee on him. Bingo. They would know what happened. And since they had a guarantee they would probably give me my money back. Right?

Wrong. After thirty minutes of a lot of yelling and a few cuss words you discovered that you never quarantined Otto properly and contaminants from your betta tank poisoned and killed him. You aren’t entitled to a refund- even though they never gave you proper quarantine information- because their “Live arrival guarantee” only guarantees that the fish arrive alive. Not that they stay alive.

The owner basically implies that you are an idiot for buying discus without doing any information on them. And you feel embarrassed. You feel embarrassed because you DID do your research. You knew that they were supposed to get daily water changes to grow properly. You knew that they were supposed to be kept in warm waters with temperatures around 82 degrees. But you had overlooked one thing and now your beautiful- and expensive- new discus had died. And you were out over a hundred bucks. And Otto. Poor Otto.

At Myrtle Beach Discus we promise that we will never let Otto happen to you. Your discus are backed by our outstanding “Myrtle Beach Promise;” that we will never just sell you an Otto. We are here to guide you every step of the way. All of our discus fish are sold and packaged with extensive information that every newbie needs to know. Additionally, our discus resource center is packed with a library of articles on everything from discus breeding to nutrition and diet to treating illnesses and diseases.

Our “Myrtle Beach Discus Promise” means that you will always receive the healthiest, most vibrant discus possible. We will never sell you a discus we know isn’t going to make it. We always inspect every discus for physical abnormalities that indicate life expectancy but we also go above and beyond that and also inspect the physical imperfections of every fish before assigning a price to it. You can rest easy knowing that every discus is priced according to a specific set of highly regarded industry standards. We will never sell you a sub-quality discus for a premium price. That’s just not our business.

We strive to provide the highest quality Discus on the market. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please contact us immediately. Once your order is placed we separate your Discus, quarantine and fast them for 48hrs prior to shipping. 

In the unlikely event of a DOA (dead on arrival), you must let us know within 2hrs of first attempted Delivery. 2 clear pictures are required, one of the unopened bag and a picture of the fish out of the bag. if these steps are not completed it will void our Guarantee. We will issue you a credit towards your next purchase. Shipping cost are never covered under this guarantee. 

If you need to cancel your purchase, there will be a 15% service charge, no exceptions. Why? Once your order comes in we separate your fish and fast them. This takes the opportunity away from another customer who would like to order this fish and is time consuming for us. 

What happens if I receive the wrong fish?

If you received the wrong fish, contact us within 24hrs of arrival. If the fish you paid for is more money, then we will issue you a refund of the difference. We will also issue you a 15% off coupon on your next order. Once again shipping cost are non refundable. 

We are open to the public but by Appointments Only. 

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. 

So take a look around and see why the “Myrtle Beach Discus Promise” has earned us the title of  “South Carolina’s Premiere Discus Pet Store.”